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Quality and efficiency combined. More flexible than ever

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Reliably MAN: Customised solutions on a strong foundation

High-quality bus chassis for all requirements and deployment purposes provide the optimal flexibility to assert yourself on the market with your own ideas. Proven MAN quality always ensures a solid foundation for your success. Our body-friendly chassis provide you with maximum possibilities and meet all your expectations when it comes to innovation and power, dynamics and comfort, cost-efficiency and environmental friendliness.

No matter what you need, MAN has the solution. With their limitless versatility, the MAN Bus chassis can easily meet all requirements. Suitable for every application, every destination, every country and every demand – there are no limits to your imagination when it comes to design. Whether you use the chassis as a powerful foundation for city and scheduled-service intercity buses or for coaches, you will be impressed by the comprehensive body compatibility and MAN’s high quality.

Urban traffic


Motorway junction and intercity driving




The ideal vehicle foundation for every deployment purpose

Low-floor chassis

Low-floor chassis

Suitable for single and double decker city bus bodies with stepless floors throughout.

Body length: 10.5 to 18.75 metres

Engine power output: 270 to 360 hp, Diesel/CNG

Emissions category: Euro 3 to Euro 6

Low-entry chassis

Low-entry chassis

Suitable for single and double decker city and intercity bus bodies with stepless entry.

Body length: 8.8 to 12.8 metres

Engine power output: 250 to 320 hp, Diesel/CNG

Emissions category: Euro 3 to Euro 6

Front-engine high-floor chassis

Front-engine high-floor chassis

Versatile chassis for single decker coach, intercity bus and high-floor city bus bodies.

Body length: 7.3 to 27 metres

Engine power output: 190 to 390 hp, Diesel

Emissions category: Euro 3 to Euro 6

High-floor chassis intercity

High-floor chassis intercity

Suitable for single decker intercity bus and high-floor city bus bodies, as well as simple coach bodies; provides plenty of space for a luggage compartment.

Body length: 10.35 to 13.2 metres

Engine power output: 250 to 360 hp, Diesel

Emissions category: Euro 3 to Euro 6

Body height: up to max. 3.6 metres

High-floor chassis coach

High-floor chassis coach

Suitable for single and double decker powerful coach and intercity bus bodies; provides plenty of space for a luggage compartment.

Body length: 10.35 to 14.6 metres

Engine power output: 350 to 500 hp, Diesel

Emissions category: Euro 3 to Euro 6

Body height: up to max. 4.2 metres

Components which provide reliability and efficiency

Safety on the school bus

Reliable in every situation

MAN Bus chassis provide maximum safety on every journey due to its numerous and cutting-edge safety assistance systems:

  • Electronic Stability Program (ESP)
  • Electronic Brake System (EBS)
  • MAN BrakeMatic® with brake control and cruise control
  • Emergency Brake Assist (EBA)
  • Lane Guard System (LGS)
  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

Euro 6 D08 engine

Both powerful and environmentally friendly

The MAN Bus chassis impress with a highly efficient driveline and fuel-efficient assistance systems. With all common rail engine variants from 240 hp up to 500 hp, MAN has a powerful and extremely clean engine portfolio available, which can be flexibly used in all areas of deployment within cities, the countryside and on longer journeys. Alongside the diesel engines, MAN also offers particularly environmentally friendly and powerful natural gas engines for the city bus chassis.

Optimised shift strategies, as well as newly developed gearbox software for automated manual transmission and fully automatic gearboxes, also have a positive effect on fuel consumption. You can benefit from the GPS-supported MAN EfficientCruise cruise control together with EfficientRoll when using the coach chassis with MAN TipMatic as it intervenes pre-emptively during gear selection and also activates the rolling function, resulting in additional fuel saving.

Comfort with certainty

MAN Bus chassis gearbox technology

Intelligent gearboxes

MAN has two gearboxes for you to choose between. They increase driving comfort and also save fuel – perfect for driving through the city and travelling across the country.

The automatic gearbox – for 250 hp up to 460 hp – impresses with improved gear-change quality and a new low-friction oil with optimised viscosity, resulting in gentle, quiet gearshifts. Fuel consumption is also reduced considerably thanks to improved retarder output.

The new MAN TipMatic – for 420 hp up to 500 hp – ensures a lower level of inside noise and reduced fuel consumption with an axle ratio of i=2.73. Fast, comfortable gearshifts are possible thanks to Smartshift.

Drive comfortably with the MAN Bus chassis axles

First-class driving comfort

The modern MAN axles provide the highest level of driving comfort which can be immediately felt by both driver and passengers. Whether rigid axle or independent front suspension: both axle types impress during the first few metres and will please the driver when manoeuvring with small turning circles.

Thanks to the excellent suspension, even during long journeys, back pain is a thing of the past, and the high ease of maintenance ensures greater convenience.

Fold-out intercooler

Cool ideas

The fold-out intercooler stands out with its high level of reliability and cleverly conceived design; it not only allows good accessibility to all the important areas at all times, but is also easy to maintain and is user-friendly. The engine is always reliably cooled by the easy-to-clean intercooler. This significantly increases the service life of the engine, meaning both the engine and the technician can stay cool.

Driver’s workplace

Ergonomic design

MAN chassis always provide their drivers with a practical, ergonomic and appealing place to work. All the key information can be seen at a glance on the instrument panel, and the optimised switch layout improves user ergonomics. A continuously adjustable multi-function steering wheel also ensures a relaxed working environment.

MAN chassis around the world

Our expertise close to you

Reference projects

Taking a trip with the MAN Bus chassis: with our bus chassis, transport services and body manufacturers are implementing individual vehicle solutions in an efficient and economical manner. MAN Bus chassis are operated safely and reliably in regions across the world every day.

Euro 6 in Australia

Premiere: first MAN bus compliant with Euro 6 in Australia

As of late, Australia's roads are home to the first coach based on a Euro 6 compliant MAN chassis. One of the main tasks of the modern vehicle is to transport winter sports enthusiasts to the skiing regions of New South Wales.

MAN buses for the IAMSA Group

Transport consortium orders 610 chassis

The IAMSA Group, a multimodal transport consortium from Mexico, invests 54 million euros in renovating its fleet. This will provide the over 20 million passengers travelling every year with the highest degree of safety and comfort.

Double-decker bus with MAN chassis in Sydney

MAN double-decker down under

Thirty-eight double-decker buses featuring the MAN low-floor chassis A95 have been in operation since the end of 2017 in Sydney. Penske Commercial Vehicles, a sales partner of MAN Truck & Bus in Australia and New Zealand, delivered the double-decker buses to Transport for New South Wales.

MAN vehicle handover to BEX

Cabrio buses for Berlin

BEX, the tour provider in Berlin, is operating two new Cabrio double-deckers. The foundation of the buses is the MAN low-floor chassis A22 – the bodywork came from UNVI.

Egged city buses

MAN Bus chassis in Israel

Bus operator Egged relies on MAN: in 2017 alone, the largest bus operator in Israel commissioned 75 new low-floor buses with a MAN foundation. The bodywork of the twelve-meter-long city buses comes from the local body manufacturer, Haargaz.